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Choosing a Filter

MERV rating
filter chart

What MERV should I use for my needs?

At, we’ve designed our filters to protect you and your family while enabling your air comfort system to work at its most efficient. We've put a filter selection guide together that should help you choose a filter based on your goals, rather than just choosing based on what particles might be captured. Remember, the higher the MERV, the better the protection. Higher MERV filters accomplish all the benefits of lower MERV filters, in addition to their targeted protection area of your breathing zones (see chart below). If you need advice on which filter to choose, feel free to email us or chat online.


Protects HVAC system. Reduces household dust and allergens that irritate or create mucus and cause "cough" reactions.


All the benefits of MERV 8, plus it reduces upper-respiratory contaminants that irritate or create mucus and cause "cough" reactions.


All the benefits of MERV 8 and 11, plus it provides deep lung protection from minute particles such as carcinogens and smoke that restrict free breathing and create long-term health effects.