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3 - Lysol« Air Filter Triple Protection« - Air Cleaner Replacement Cartridges


Lysol is the first asthma & allergy friendly filter certified by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Infused with antimicrobial and carbon for added efficiency. This high efficiency air filter is engineered to trap a high amount of allergens/dust and yet has a low restriction to air flow.

The one-inch filters have 50% more media (fiber fabric that catches dust) than most other wire-backed media filters. More media means better capture and longer life.

Actual Dimensions: 16x25x5 is 15.8x24.8x4.3 inches; 20x25x5 is 20.0x24.8x4.3 inches


- 16x25 Replaces: Lennox x6670 (HCF16-10), Honeywell FC35A1001, FC100A1029, FC200E1029
- 16x25 Replaces: Carrier EXPXXFIL1016, EXPXXUNV0016, EXPXXLMCC0016, FILCCCAR0016 Trion Air Bear 255649-105
- 20x25 Replaces: Lennox X6673 (HCF20-10), Honeywell F35A1027, FC100A1037, FC200E1037
- 20x25 Replaces: Carrier EXPXXFIL0020, EXPXXUNV0020, EXPXXLM0020, FILCCCAR0020 Trion Air Bear 255649-105
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